Man Protests In Underpants For Almost A Month, Until He Got His Weed Back.

A Canadian has finally got his bong and stash of marijuana back after protesting outside a courthouse in nothing more than his underwear. .
Jeffrey Shaver has been demonstrating outside the Kitchener courthouse, in Ontario, for the past month after Waterloo Regional Police arrested him for possession of marijuana and seized his drugs and paraphernalia. .
Shaver insists he has a medical marijuana card and presented it to police but was still arrested. Since then, he’s staged the bizarre protest outside the Kitchener courthouse, with a sign which read ‘return my bong.’ .
Earlier last week, he was charged with public nudity for the protest. Despite that, the demonstration appears to have paid off. On Friday, Shaver said the drugs possession charge had been dropped and he will be getting his bong and pot back soon.

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