Femiakuti Slams The Government For Poor Health System In Nigeria (Video)

In a brief interview with hiptv, the afro beat legend “femi kuti” slams the Nigerian government for poor health system in the country.

“we still don’t have electricity, the hospitals don’t work, the roads from lagos to abuja was so bad. When are we going to have good roads, when is the government going to works for the people.

The president goes and spent all that monies to treat himself, it is good to keep himself alive, the rest of us nko. What if you are that sick, where are you going to see the money. Because when the queen of england is sick those she goes to America, when the president of America is sick those he go to France. If you must die you die in the hands of your people. When our leaders are going to Europe to die or get treated and leaving their people in the country to die in roasting hospitals.

Watch The Interview Video Below:

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