Oba Of Benin Forces Native Doctors To Revoke Curses On Trafficked Victims (Video)

Native doctors in Edo State, were on Friday, forced to revoke oaths and curses placed on victims of trafficking.

Many victims of human trafficking are usually made to swear to oaths and some of their body parts collected as collateral to make them pay back the money used to sponsor them.

But the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare II, forced the native doctors to revoke the curses and oaths placed on the trafficked victims.

The Benin Monarch declared that the trafficked victims were now free from their traffickers and whatever oaths they were placed on.

Oba Ewuare II also placed a curse in human traffickers and those aiding and abetting human trafficking in the state.

He cursed the native doctors who subject victims to oath of secrecies, violators of the order banning Community Development Associations and others whose business is to initiate the sons and daughters of the land into various cult groups.

Oba Ewuare II warned those aiding and abetting human trafficking through the use of black magic and subjecting them to the oath of secrecies to desist from the act or face the wrath of the gods.

He declared that those under oath of secrecies have been set free and at liberty to air their views as well as reveal their sponsors without fear of any harm from their sponsors.

The Benin Monarch stated the interest of the palace was to work for the development and progress of the state and urged all his subjects to work towards that direction by doing what is right.

Watch The Video Below:

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