Ladies, Never loose A Man With These 14 Qualities.

1. When a man says sorry even though he didn’t do anything wrong.
2. When he cries because he still love you or miss you.
3. When he still tries to get you back.
4. When he still love you, no matter how much you hurt him
5. When he stops his argument with you, just to save his relationship.
6. When he continously make you feel special and tries to make u happy.
7. When a man is upset but doesn’t tell you as he thinks it might  annoy you.
8. When a man wants to leave you, because of your rude behaviour, but he is not able to do. Don’t let him because you’ll never find someone like that ever again.
9. When he is ready to empty his savings just to make you happy.
10. When he is hardworking and focused and has little time to chase other women around.
11. When he is able and willing to cater to your needs.
12. When he is not too involved in social media and more focused on his day to day activities i.e he doesn’t spend his days liking pictures of hot instagram girls.
13. When you are miss world to him and he has eyes only for you and treats you right.
14. When you mean the world to him.
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