Man Sleeps With Married Woman, Tag & Tells Her Husband To Come And Pick Her Up On Facebook.

A ‘kiss and tell’ man had a sexual fun with a married woman in his apartment and he announced it to the world via his Facebook page.

The man identified as Mike Zamora shared a photo of the woman sleeping face-down in a black top and bumshort on his bed.

Mike tagged men looking for their wives to come pick up this lady, whose identity was kept a ‘secret’.

He wrote;

“Serio! .. I Am Curious – Who’s Wife Didn’t Make It Home Last Night? She Ready For Pickup – #SheAThotThotThot #NameThatCrack#SheNeedUber”

Other Facebook users condemned his actions and told him to delete the post.

Rather than delete the post, Mike posted new updates about hooking up with the older ladies, divorced ladies or women
who are unsatisfied with their husbands.

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