“You once beg me to buy you Gucci, When You Come To Malaysia” – Hushpuppi Replies Phyno

Hushpuppi seem to have bitten more than he can chew after he called out rappers, Ice Prince and Phyno for patronizing the imitation of luxurious items.

The flamboyant big boy stated that the rappers buy the counterfeits of designer products but frowned at pirates reproducing their music.

Phyno took the no chill route as he finished Hushpuppi for coming at him with his statement about patronizing fake products.

The rapper slammed Ray by telling him that he bought a house, a car for his mom without showing it off on social media whereas the Malaysian based big boy lives and dies for Gucci and the social media.

Hushpuppi attempted to salvage his ego as he stated that Phyno once begged him to buy him Gucci when the rapper visited Malaysia.

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