Nigerian Woman Duped By Fraudsters Through Atm Card Cries In Bank For Help (Watch Video).

A Nigerian woman has been left helpless after being swindled by fraudsters of her ATM card.

The victim who noticed several debit from her account cried her way to the bank begging for them to come to her rescue.

Several banks always give the warning that customers should not release their secret pin information to anyone.

An unnamed woman fell victim of fraudsters after giving out her ATM secret pin.

The said woman was said to have been approached by the thieves who gave her the offer to have her transaction handled by them.

Unknown to her was the devious plan they had to swindle her of her funds.

According to reports, they took her ATM card and got her to tell them her pin which they then inserted into the machine but put the wrong pin.

After the card was rejected, they pretended to give back her card but gave her a fake one and took hers away.

Moments later she got several debit alerts from her account. Helpless and confused, she went to the bank crying for help.

Watch her on her kneels and crying below:

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