Lady Stabbed To Death By Her Boyfriend After Rejecting His Marriage Proposal

A woman was brutally stabbed to death in a shop after refusing to marry her boyfriend. Shaknoza Abdikayumova, 23, was stabbed 17 times by her boyfriend Ali Kulbaev, 26, before he turned the knife on himself but failed to commit suicide in Ufa, Russia

Before the attack he posted on his social media: ‘It’s enough that Allah knows good deeds from sins.’ In another message he wrote: ‘There is no way back, only forwards.’ Kulbaev, from Uzbekistan, is today in intensive care and is expected to survive, facing murder charges for killing the woman who refused to wed him.

It has emerged that the pair had been chatting on the internet for a year before he visited her in Ufa one month ago.

He ‘fell in love’ and soon started pestering her for marriage.

She asked for time but she grew alarmed when he threatened to kill her if she refused him.

Frightened, Shaknoza, also born in Uzbekistan, called his mother Rimma who told her: ‘I don’t want to see him again. He threatened to kill me too.’ When she died, the woman had run into the shop where she worked for protection, after he gave her flowers but demanded she agree to marry him.

She screamed ‘Help!’ to her work colleagues but he shouted: ‘If I can’t have you, no-one else will.’ He took out a knife and stabbed her multiple times, before plunging it into his own chest and abdomen.

A man stabbed his girlfriend out of jealousy, because she refused to continue the relations with him,’ said a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee, which has opened a murder case.

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