Man Stabs His 3 Children And Housemaid To Death In Onitsha.

A tragic incident occurred in Onitsha, Anambra state where a man was reported to have stabbed his 3 children and housemaid to death.

According to reports gathered online, the man without any cause the man picked up a knife and began slaughtering his children like animals in cold blood. There has been no confirmed report on what could have led to the barbaric behaviour displayed by the man.

The man was reported to have locked the children and the maid in the room before he carried out the act. Neighbours were attracted to the scene by the cries of the children, but couldn’t gain access into his apartment as he had bolted the door.

By the time they would force themselves into room, the children were already lying dead in the pool of their blood while the man was seen lying on the floor still conscious. It is not ascertained what he did to himself and why he committed the brutal act of murder on the little kids

The video was shared on popular social media platform, Facebook by a man identified as Okpagu Ebuka Kosiso. In the video sympathizers were seen wailing and wondering why the man could have been so cruel to kill his own children.

Someone could be heard saying he would lie there while the police are invited to the situation.


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