A Notorious Cultist Influenced By Spartacus, Arrested In Ogun State.

A deadly and notorious cultist who modelled his life after Thracian slave and gladiator, Spartacus, has been arrested by police operatives in Ogun state.

Dreaded Spartacus who goes by the title of ‘butcher’ in the Aye Confraternity, was arrested on March 12, 2018.

The 23-year old, who had been on the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) wanted list since January, revealed that no fewer than nine persons had falling victims of his no-mercy disposition, adding that whoever he marked to kill was never spared of his axe.

In a chat with CrimePuzzle, he revealed how he came about the the name he inscribed on his neck. According to him, Spartacus is the title of a film he has watched over and over, and was inspired by the major actor in the film, to the effect that anyone he felt like axing, nothing changed his decision.

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