Lady mourns after mob kills policeman who killed her brother.

A Nigerian lady and Facebook user, Felicity Iwuala, who brother was killed by a policeman, has been left in tears even though the policeman was killed instantly by the mob which turned up after the incident.

According to the grieving lady, the life of her late brother who was killed yesterday is worth more than getting a revenge death. Felicity Iwuala further stated that her brother had no trace of crime all his life.

Here’s what she wrote;

My brother who has no trace of crime all his life became a victim of incessant killings by Nigerian police yesterday. A country where an average, easy going and law abiding citizen is not safe. Even though the angry mob killed the police man instantly, yes the blood filled face beside the lifeless body of my dear brother is the police man responsible for his untimely death. we are not satisfied at all. Our brothers life worth more than this.

Why must police who is suppose to be our friend be killing us on daily basis.
Mr Kingsley Aguguo rest in perfect peace .
Dee Kingsy rest till we meet to part no more.

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