Lady Recounts Her Ordeal With Fraudsters Posing As A Taxi Drivers.

A Twitter user with the username @4dmoment narrates her scary experience she had with a fraudsters posing as a taxi driver. she reveal how they tried to extort her while she was under the influence of their charms.

She Wrote:

If you see this car anywhere especially around Ogba-ikeja, please arrest everybody in it, they are thieves, they have a box of money with a charm in the car which they are using to deceive people, the driver pretends to be loading passengers, meanwhile everybody in the car.

Knows themselves. Along the way the driver will just start an argument with the woman in the front seat who claims to be a prostitute and is running away with an alhaji’s money because the alhaji turned her to a sex slave and wants to make a video of her having sex with a dog.

But she refused and that’s why she is running away. Their major targets are women because the prostitute will plead so they can be two women. And if you decide to stay, the two men will insist that the money be shared equally. But first the charm has to be Destroyed, so the man in the back seat will suggest a mama in one church like that somewhere around dopemu, remember because you pity the woman in the front seat you will not want to leave her alone with those men.

When they arrive at the church, the woman there will request for all sort of things for cleansing the money which will cost hundreds of thousands because there is about 100million in that box in the car. Please guys stay woke.

Be careful b4 you enter loading taxi’s anywhere. These people use charms. I fell victim and when I sited them this morning I started calling people to catch them but they all taught I was crazy. I have already reported to the police, I hope they catch this people.

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