“My Partner Is Currently Mentally Unstable And Now In Makurdi” – Ibro Of ZuleZoo (Kerewa)

Many have wondered what happened to the duo of this once hit song. Hassan Ibrahim, one of the pair singer revealed in an interview with inside Naija Tv the reason for embracing isolation and what led to their separation. He said “I just woke up one morning and discovered Mike (his partner) was acting irrational and expressing psychotic behavior”.

He further added, “I’m not a doctor or a spiritualist so I cannot say for sure what was wrong with him; even as I’m saying this, Mike is with his mother in the village and she’s doing absolutely nothing about it” he quoted.

The duo crooner of “KEREWA” who almost made it to the stratosphere in the music industry has called it quits, Ibrahim also revealed he would be releasing his single track in few months time.

Watch The Video Below:

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