Taking Protein Supplements (Advantages And Disadvantages)

Protein supplement industry is currently a multi-million dollar industry and it is still on an upward trajectory.  There is a wide variety of protein supplements on the market and they come in various forms that include: shakes, capsules, gels, shakes, powders and bars.

These products have a varying composition of protein, some being made up of 100% protein while others contain carbohydrate as the main ingredient, and some fat and protein. Making use of them alongside exercises, the protein supplements aid in building muscles, enhancing metabolic rate and stimulating physical performance.

It is very important to take the correct amount of the supplements, and Anavar Dosage is no exception. You should be cautious so as not to overdose which can have undesirable consequences. The following are some advantages and disadvantages of taking protein supplements that you should know to enable you to make an informed decision before starting to use them:


(1) Help Athletes Meet Their High Protein Demand.

It is advisable for trainees to try and meet their protein requirement by getting them from whole foods. However, high intensity trainees or athletes could more easily and practically meet their high demand
in a fast way especially after a training session by using protein supplements.

It is recommended for those who may choose to use supplements to go for those that have whey and casein because the two have high rating on an amino acid, are better at enhancing muscle mass and are highly digestible.

(2) Great For Dealing With The Exercise-Induced Loss Of Appetite:

Some people suffer from exercise- induced loss of appetite, mostly after doing high intensity exercises. Protein supplements especially shake can come in handy to such people when they have poor-appetite.

(3) Convenience:

The protein supplements are almost ready to consume or require little preparation which is fast and easy to do. They can be the rescue where times, cooking facilities or the cooking skills are lacking. As such, they are so convenient.

(4) Cost:

Some protein supplements are quite cost efficient. Furthermore, for elite athletes the products come as part of the sponsorship deal resulting in absolute cost savings.


(1) Poor Evidence To Show Their effectiveness:

There is very minimal total evidence of results attributable to use of protein supplements.

(2) Their Protein Content May Be Wrongly Stated:

The protein supplements may not all the times contain the indicated protein percentage especially if they have not been batch tested.

There is also the possibility of non-batch tested supplements containing low quality protein thus reducing the bioavailability of the amino acids thus having lower than the indicated protein level being utilized by the body.

(3) Pose Health Risks:

High protein consumption over a long time has been associated with risks of aggravating preexisting kidney problems. They also make the risks of developing osteoporosis to go higher.

Some the negative effects of over-the –counter supplements include dehydration, nausea, bloating, increased bowel movement, tiredness/fatigue, interference with medication just to mention a few.

(4) May Not Be Nutritionally Balanced:

More often than not protein supplements, especially shakes, are presented as if they can replace meals but the majority are not nutritionally balanced.

The effect of this is excess protein intake, deficiency of some other important nutrients and low bulk in the diet which can cause some problems to the digestive system.


You should go for batch tested high quality protein supplements and of reputable brands. The supplements can meet the high quick protein requirements of athletes doing high intensity training especially when constrained of time, cooking skills and cooking facilities. You can request your General Practitioner to recommend for you a good Sports Dietician from whom you can get the relevant guidance.

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