What Is “NettGame” All About?

Recently i received a mail from a startup company called NettStack
about one of their investment app entering the market. At first, i
ignored the mail and showed no interest in downloading the app.

The economy got me so bad, so bad i couldn’t even spare 4mb to
download their app. I don’t want to end up with that feeling where you
download an android application and if feels like you downloaded a
trashy and complicated app filled with adverts that can make a phone
go nuts.

Eventually, I downloaded the app, now I’m asking myself this question,
How the wakanda does Nett and Game relates with what’s in the app?
Anyways, leave the hammer for Thor. This is what goes… You’ll be
running two separates mode on your account when you register.
The first one is the demo mode/account and the second is the real
mode/account. Let me break it down

Demo Account: Let’s just say you suddenly have 30billion in the acant,
and you want to buy a nice car, like Bentley Bentayga but you don’t
know how to drive a car and no one around you is willing to help, what
a wicked world… You’ll probably get a volkswagen or peugeot 504 and
use it as a trainer. Then when you know how to drive, you’ll start
driving the Bentley.

Exactly how the demo account works, you’ll be given some cash for you
to play so you can know how the app works… If you lose all your
money on demo account, you can just reload the account and start
playing again. Beht, demo account cash cannot be cashed out.

Real Account: This is the part where you drive the Bentley. You fund
your account with real money through your ATM card, you play with
caution and you earn money with ease.

You may decide to withdraw all your real account cash into your local
bank account anytime you want, they operate 24hours a week. Minimum
withdrawal is NGN99, more like NGN100 to me tho.

This Is What I Love About The App:

1. Easy payment gateway, your account gets funded as long as you have
money on your bank account, its extremely easy, fast and user

2. Cashing out to your Nigerian bank account is also fast, you don’t
even need to wait for hours at all, even on sundays.

3. Clean user interface, tho they still need to work on it but its cool anyways.

4. Their communication interface feels like I’m chatting with one of
the admin. Yeah! its that cool.

5. They also provided a mail and their response is super fast.

This Is What I Don’t Really Like About The App:

1. No tutorials for first timers.

2. Why NettGame, why not NettCash? The name sounds misleading to me tho.

3. No bonuses at all, seriously?

4. Anytime there is an app update, you won’t be able to use the app
until you get a newer version from their website. Its just that their
app update don’t occur frequently.

So in essence, NettGame is like a real-time investment app where your
profits is determined by the risk you took and how much you invested.

Anyways, the app looks cool, you can visit their parent company’s
website to download the app.

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