Twitter User Who Requested For Donations Reportedly Turns Out To Be Scam (Photos)

A certain Nigerian lady, Natasha on twitter who goes by the handle @itasha_carter had requested for donations on the social media platform to foot her medical bills as she was reportedly suffering from asthma and actually had an attack.

Some people then requested to help her by connecting with a popular handle on twitter: SubDeliveryZone, who then retweeted the post and about N300,000 was raised for the lady.

But at the end of the day, it turned out that the lady didn’t actually need the fund as the management of the company she works for had already footed the bills, which she had initially lied that the management does not have health Insurance.

Fact findings by some people showed that she was actaully in a stable condition before she was even admitted to the hospital and the lid on her case was blown open as the handle that requested to help her was contacted and this is what he has to say after discoverinbg it was all a planned plot to scam twitter:

Hello Everyone,Pls Follow This #Thread, It’s About -@itasha_carter (The Lady That “Allegedly “nearly lost her Life Yesterday) But we Intervened & Donated 300k+ to her. She Has Some Explanations to do cc – @perfectskones @IOmuta @prinzgbemi @PRINCE_VIIII @OlisaOsega @segalink.

For The Sake of Transparency of this Account ,the cheerfulness and willingness of Everyone that DONATED & RTED The Post Yesterday,I Need to Post This Since According to her, I was irrelevant to ask her questions after the donations. Pls follow up.

I sent someone the address of the hospital to verify this before I go ahead posting this ,it was verified that she was really ill.

So I kept following up to know @itasha_carter “s health status, kept asking her for updates and all, but earlier today, I got this message From someone working in same HOSPITAL Natasha was admitted.

@itasha_carter Posted about her Company not having any Health insurance but deleted minutes after same yesterday, she also told me that her company don’t have any health insurance that they just dumped her at the hospital and left.

I Didn’t bother posting the Allegation against her because I’m not sure about it, so I sent her this same Sub PRIVATELY about the company paying her full Heath bills, Ladies and gentlemen, this was her Reply. All I needed was an explanation .trying to be DEFENSIVE.

This was more of what @itasha_carter typed just by asking her, Is this true or Not. I requested to get her company’s name for further verification. This is what she said.

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