White Lady Calls Out Nigerian Man After Allegedly Being Scammed.

A white lady with the username @sk_nana-momma took to her Instagram page to call out a Nigerian man for allegedly scamming her.

She Wrote:

ATTENTION WOMEN OUT THERE! PLEASE SHARE!!The EFCC has been contacted. Beware of this person… I have “known” him 7 months now and beware!!! Do not fall for his lies!! He claims to be a Godly man… his true colors came out when I don’t want a relationship with him… I have every message he has sent me, all receipts of everything sent to him… please beware ladies!!! I fell in love with this man, my whole family and friends “knew” him… just a message for females to guard your hearts and minds and put God first always #lessonslearned #fake #godhelphim #exposed LOUIS OMENOGOR OVILI is the name he goes by. Please talk with this person with caution. His WhatsApp is Louis Okkin, Facebook name Omen Branded… BEWARE

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