Couple Caught Having S*x On Someone’s Grave In Broad Daylight (video)

A randy couple were caught romping on a gravestone in broad daylight. The shameless pair were filmed having sex by an appalled dog walker in the middle of a Greater Manchester church cemetery – and didn’t even stop when they noticed him.

Scott Ellwood, 20, spotted the couple atop the 1890s headstone in full view of dozens of houses.

The man had his trousers round his ankles – and his 35-year-old blonde partner was lying on her back on top of the gravestone.

Scott filmed the explicit scenes before calling them ‘scruffy c***s’ and calling the police.

He shared the appalling footage on Facebook and was stunned when the man hit back saying he’s “not arsed”.

After the clip went viral, he commented : “Just try to have some fun in your life bro. Take a risk now and again. You will feel the buzz of being caught.“Get a life and stop perving on people having a quicky, well not that quick 45 minutes.”

Manual labourer Scott said: “It was horrible. It was a really shocking thing to see.

“It was broad daylight. I was walking my dog like I do every day and I usually walk him through the church.“I was walking through the alleyway when I spotted them as I looked to the side. I didn’t really believe what I was seeing.

“I just thought ‘what the f*** is going on?’ “The guy saw me the first time so the second time he was looking right at me as I filmed him. “He wasn’t bothered at all. He was just looking at me with this look that said ‘f*** off’.

“He was far too involved in what he was up to to bother with me.”

Scott decided to shame the pair by posting the video online but the man involved commented and bragged they had sex for 45 minutes.

Scott shared the footage on social media, where it quickly racked up 35,000 views – with hundreds of comments branding the behaviour “appalling”.

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