Singer, Mr Eazi, goes gaga for Temi Otedola

As a struggling musician just finding his feet on the music terrain, and dating a daughter of a billionaire, how exactly do you impress her?

This was probably the desperate attempt Starboy artiste, Mr Eazi was trying to make when he poured out his heart in a new song titled ‘Property’ dedicated to Temi Otedola and made available on his Instagram.

Or who else could he be referring to in the song? It’s only Temi that is on the ‘Leg over’ crooner’s romantic horizon or is there another woman?

Davido won so many hearts when he gave ‘Assurance’ to Chioma Rowland, and in this new song, which the video just dropped, Eazi calls the woman which many believe is Temi, “My property” while calling his own ‘Assurance’, ‘Authority’

“ I know I don’t have so much but I wanna give her all my present and future property. I want it all in her name. I don’t want it in my name. Baby, all of my property, I give you authority,” so the song goes and its impossible not to think the singer was referring to one of the heiresses of the Otedola’s estate.

It is open secret that the duo have been dating for quite sometime, and with Temi’s bililionare father in the know. Oil magnate Femi Otedola is that internet savvy not to be that wet behind the ears. He’s Instagram account is as active as the next entertainer on the spin.

But dating a daughter of a billionaire is not always going to be easy as funny whispers are bound to be going on and surely it is going to be such a huge task to prove you are not just another wolf looking for the next meal.

Mr Eazi has done right by himself. His career is on the up and up but it is going to be such an arduous task to keep with the pace of the Otedolas. And in some not-too-nice ways his fans and haters alike have been bending his ears to the word out there.

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