Actors should have a side hustle – Olajuwon Adewunmi

I am from Ilaro in Ogun State. However, I was born and raised in Somolu , Lagos . I am the first girl in a family of eight . I have four younger ones and an elder brother . My childhood was tough . I thank my elder brother and mum for being there for me and showing me the right path to follow . I am also thankful to God because that is a thing of the past and I am much bigger than that now .


I have a diploma in accounting from the Owo Polytechnic’ s satellite campus in Lagos . I also studied marketing at the Lagos State University, Ojo.


I have been acting for a very long time because my mum, Mrs . Oluwaranti Adewunmi, was an actress . As far back as 1995 , I always went on locations with her and I featured in some movies too . After sometime , my mum asked me to stop so that I could concentrate on my studies but I came back professionally into the industry in 2005 while I was still in LASU . Professionally , my first movie was

Ada bani in 2005 it was directed by Ibrahim Chatta who also featured in the movie . I acted as his American girlfriend . I met my boss, Lekan Ojo, popularly called Gbatami , in the salon so I told him about my interest in acting and he told me to join their rehearsals on Lagos Island .That was how it all started . I was brought to limelight by the movie , 21 Years , because after that production, I started receiving calls for jobs . I then produced another movie titled , Oko Oyinda .

Parental support

My family has been very supportive because my mum was an actress and my dad likes entertainment .


Some of the challenges I faced from producers and marketers happened because I turned them down when they wooed me . Most of them threatened that they wouldn ’ t feature me in their movies and tried to sabotage my career by telling people that I am a bad actress . I thank God for where I am now .


I have produced about 10 movies. Some of my movies include Arebi , Olugbo Jara , Oko Oyinda , 21 Years , Surebet , Shedi Mentor, Marital Vow , Aiye Olomo Kan and Osika .


I am yet to portray a character that fits my personality because I am a very quiet and peaceful person . All the roles I have played are different from who I am. I will like to act the role of a blind person . Also my movie , Ara Ire, was challenging because I played the role of a hunchback . It was a different one for me , unlike the usual pretty girl character I usually portray in movies. Before accepting a script , I look out for its content, director and co – actors because there are some producers who give scripts that don’ t make any sense .


I don ’t think acting pays ( well enough) but it is not the case for those in English movies. When it comes to Yoruba movies , it is just so sad . Producers used to pay good money in the past , but actors are now paid a pittance. Some people will offer you very ridiculous fees and you wonder if it is compulsory you act in the movie . Also, piracy is an issue . Some people spend so much to produce movies and at the end , they are unable to recoup their investment . If you are an actor , you must have a side hustle so that you wouldn ’ t be frustrated .


Being popular has not changed anything about me because I am still myself . I don’ t pretend to be what I am not . People who know me will tell you that I am always myself . I love everything about stardom but sometimes, it is difficult to go out or meet people . Sometimes , you can ’ t even go to the market or dress the way you want to because people are watching you . I am a very free person ; sometimes, I go to the market and a lot of people come to appreciate me . I love it because I love meeting people and I play a lot . My siblings tease me at times that I don’ t even behave like a celebrity but I can ’ t change my life because I am an actress . Being an actress opens doors for me .

Other interests

I am into buying and selling of fashion accessories for both sexes . I also have an online shop . Whenever I need to be on the set of a movie , I let my assistant see to the business .


Nothing has really changed about me because I feature my son in some movies. Motherhood has been part of me for a long time due to the fact that I have played the role of a mother in some of the movies that I have featured in .


I am engaged to be married very soon..

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