Gay man kicked out of Las Vegas pool for wearing this (Photos/Video)

A gay man was kicked out from a Las Vegas pool party this weekend because of the speedo briefs he was wearing.

Chris Donohoe, a gay New Yorker, was on vacation in Vegas with a business partner for his birthday celebration when he was escorted out of the Encore Beach Club, according to his post on Facebook.

 Gay man kicked out of Las Vegas pool for wearing this (Photos/Video)

 In the post that was accompanied by a video on Facebook, Chris wrote:

PLEASE REPOST! Yesterday I was kicked out of the Encore Beach Club for being gay. I was made to leave the pool for wearing a Mr Turk bathing suit that they said was not “in integrity” with the brand of the pool party. In other words, I was kicked out for being a gay man wearing a bathing suit that was just a little too gay for the The Beach Club Encore Las Vegas to tolerate.

Take a look at this video where I’m told that my clothing is not in “integrity” with the pool party brand. This is what homophobia looks like. I was up all night because I couldn’t sleep from being so upset. I’ve cried so much. At the end of the day it is ABUNDANTLY clear that LGBTQ+ people are not welcome at Wynn Las Vegas. Please repost and share this video. I’m going to pursue this to the fullest extent possible until LGBTQ+ people are no longer policed and discriminated against at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Addressing the incident, Michael Weaver, the CMO at Wynn Resorts released a statement saying:

‘In order to maintain a five-star experience, Wynn Las Vegas requests that guests adhere to certain dress code policies throughout the resort.  In the Encore Beach Club, we had a policy, clearly posted at the entrance, which prohibited Speedos.  Upon receiving a guest complaint, we reviewed the policy and have changed it.  The new policy will allow Speedos, but will prohibit risqué and indecent swimwear for both men and women.  We will include the new policy on entry signage, as well as the club website,  in order to help guests plan appropriately and enjoy a welcoming environment.  We apologize to the guest who was affected by our previous policy.

Regarding LGBTQ+ guests, our policy has been clear and consistent for years:  Wynn welcomes and appreciates all of our LGBTQ+ guests.   Decisions to enforce policies are solely based on guest behavior, or in this case, attire.  We have always and will continue to apply attire policies equally to all of our guests, regardless of sexual orientation.’

Watch the video below.

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