Yabatech student nabbed after stealing over N500k during her SIWES (Video)

An ND II business administration student of Yabatech, who’s doing her SIWES program in a company in Lagos, was caught red handed both by her boss and CCTV camera stealing N500k cash.

According to reports, the young lady had first stolen some money and no one noticed, so today she went again to steal in the morning and no one also noticed.

Feeling super confident that she’s getting away with all her crimes and certain she would never be caught, she went back again for the third time in the afternoon to steal again, all of a sudden, her madam worked in on her and was really ashamed of the kind of person she’s.

When she tried pleading and claiming it was her first operation, her boss now replayed the CCTV footages of her previous atrocities before she was handed over to the police.


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